Jones Foundation to Bring 150 Ford Heights Children to May 2 Cubs Game

The Jones Foundation—dedicated to investing in youth from underserved communities and providing them with the tools needed to succeed—and Democratic State Representative Thaddeus Jones will accompany 150 children from Ford Heights to Wrigley Field on May 2 for the Cubs games versus the Colorado Rockies.

“Providing entertainment and cultural experiences for the children in the communities we serve is a critical part of the mission of the Jones Foundation,” said Saprina Jones, Acting President and CEO of the foundation.

Over the past decade the Jones Foundation has provided grants to more than 250 families in the communities it serves, additionally, the foundation provides food—including an annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway—to families in need, and provides assistance for children from underserved communities to allow them to attend math and science camp.

“Nearly half of the residents of Ford Heights live below the poverty line,” said Jones. “It is in communities like this that we can make a great impact by providing opportunities and experiences for children that they would otherwise not be exposed to. We rely on partnerships with organizations like the Chicago Cubs, who share our commitment.”

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