The Jones Foundation, Inc. started in 1998 as the Third Ward Scholarship fund. It was established as the Jones Foundation Inc. in 2008 dedicated to providing HIV/AIDS education and prevention services to individuals and families in need.


To bridge the gap between healthy families and stronger communities by providing resources aimed to at preventing health risks and improving the well being of families and at-risk youth in underserved communities.


We have a dedicated team of board members, staff and volunteers and partnering agencies who are dedicated to providing impactful services throughout Suburban Cook County.


Programs are focused on education and prevention and creating conditions by which individuals have opportunities to develop skills and habits that lead to long term good health.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Family Health Services

  • Physical and Mental Health Resources
  • Community Health Awareness
  • Healthy Conversations Pledge
  • Helping Hands Donations/Volunteerism

Youth Education, Accountability and Health (YEAH) Programs

  • Youth Development
  • Project HYPE Peer Mentoring Program (HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention)
  • Drug & Anti-Violence Prevention

Key Accomplishments

  • Enrolled over 300 students in Free 8-week STEM camp aimed at increasing the access to science and math programs and careers
  • Developed Project Hype peer mentors who provided HIV/AIDS awareness and education impacting over 2,500 students
  • Feeding more than 2650 families per year at our community cookout
  • Donated over 500 warm meals and coats to families in need